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So the Boks lost against the All Blacks. We all knew (well, most of us anyway) that our guys don't stand a chance, but we still hoped for another result. Against all odds I firmly believe that most South Africans are still behind the Bokke, winners or losers.

Lots to be said about the coach, but we'll leave things be for now. At least the Blue Bulls took the Currie Cup against the Sharks. Made tinned Pilchards out of them to be honest! Sorry Ivan, and all them Sharks supporters out there, but our blood was blue that day! Pity how some dutchmen (Afrikaner japies) cannot enjoy victory the way most people do. Overzealous and downright rude and stupid (especially after a couple of 'dops' and the 'cherry' checking out the scene). Makes me hang my head in shame. Never mind boetie (actually 'snotkoppie'), I apologised on your behalf.

Instead of satisfying them people always looking for doom and gloom in the new 'Souf Africa', we're looking at what people perceive as the best 'Souf African' brands. Especially now with Chevrolet making a return to the country, we can go back to the slogan of "sunny skies, braaivleis and Chevrolet" (who still remembers that one?).

Coca Cola of course is the most recognised brand worldwide (and the most valuable in marketing terms), but that's where things change. We have SAB (the Castle people) as the top favourite brand, then Telkom (a deary me, still no competition, still a rip-off semi-government monopoly) with Castle Lager (by itself) in close third place. Eskom follows with Ace mealie meal finishing off the top 10.

SAB also made the "most admired companies" list coming in at 4th place after Coke, Telkom and Eskom. Shoprite/Checkers and Absa follow. 2002 had the same results except for Absa who was behind Pick 'n Pay (those horrible people that say they care but don't really give a damn). SAB recently bought out Millers, an American beer which is not really suited to the hot South African climate, but has been welcomed as part of the family by more people then I'd like to admit.

Absa has been withering the storm with all these 'hackers, darkside people' or whatever they like to call them. They were just unfortunate that they got ripped off first! What the average guy in the street don't understand is that there is always a way. It's like owning a car that's hijack material. You're looking for it, they're gonna get you. You can have helicopters following your every move with satellite tracking and the Incredible Hulk himself on the backseat, if 'they' want it, they're gonna damn well take it! The harder you make it, the bigger the challenge.

Same can't be said about Pick 'n Pay though. Always the champion for the people, or so they claim. Maybe when Raymond Ackerman was still in charge, not now anymore. A wimpish, hide behind the bush, not prepared to face facts nor caring to explain them the way they see things company. Or shall we be true and say 'management'. Ignore the customer and the problem will go away! Raymond Ackerman (when still the master) was like Nelson Mandela. A visionary, a man with dreams and aspirations with the people, for the people. A man who would throw his corporate weight around fighting government legislation so that the customer will benefit.

So we see it's not only government that shafts us. It's not only the oil companies nor big corporates, it's also the more visible (okay, in your face visible) that's out for a piece of your ass!

In this country you can make so much money by just providing good customer service. Everybody is so fed-up with bad service that we don't even talk about it anymore. But find a 'shining star' and boy, the whole neighbourhood knows by tomorrow. Service with a smile? Go to MacDonald's (if you dare).

That's it, gotto go and sulk now. Drown my sorrows. Get depressed. Chase the dogs around. Blame the postman. Kick the cat. Curse the Poms. Spit at the moon. Drink my bath water. Whatever - 'cause the Bokke lost! Happy?

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