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And Moyo is still in the news! The ANC was not too pleased (after carefully scrutinizing the report in the Herold). But not much has happened since! A lot of shouting and screaming with Zimbabwe (make that Zanu-PF) indicating that the S.A. government response on a newspaper report is setting a "dangerous precedent". Zanu-PF indicated that Moyos' comment of South Africans being "dirty, filthy and recklessly uncouth" was aimed at the Sunday Times "apartheid" reporter (press) and not the government.

To put Mbeki's support of Zimbabwe in perspective one need to look at Zanu-PFs' history: Job Sikhala, an elected MDC MP was tortured by police. Another elected MP had to flee into exile after learning he was on the governments hit list. Sikhala's lawyer was also tortured (he studies in Pretoria). Four dead MDC members were found after the Insiza by-elections with no official response from the police. A mayor and members of his council were threatened with death in front of a hall full of people by a senior police official for holding a meeting trying to resolve a water crisis. Five torture camps were set up in Kuwadzana (suburb of Harare) after elected MDC MP died in jail. Mugabe's family ousted war-veterans, claiming the most productive farms for themselves. Food aid is being withheld from MDC supporters - no Zanu-PF card, no food. South Africa and it's people are being slandered by Moyo, Mugabe's spin doctor. In spite of the MDC winning 57 of a 120 constituencies, the High Court set aside the results because of violence and thuggery by the winning candidates - what happened to the free and fair elections? Only 30 million kilograms of tobacco will be produced this year compared to 270 million two years ago. The latest census shows that more than 2 million Zimbabweans have left the country - most of them are now in South Africa.

In spite of all this, Mbeki still supports Mugabe. Half of Zimbabwe's 14 million people face starvation in spite of the US pledging another 20 million Dollars in food aid. The cherry on the cake is Mbeki hugging Emmerson Mnangwagwa (I only type it - won't know how to pronounce it) during the ANC congress, the man responsible for the massacre of 30 000 Ndebele. (Source: The Citizen 22 January 2003 - Eric de Jong)

Looking at all this, including the terrible human rights track record of another one of Mbeki's favorites (one Gadaffi), how dare this man beg from European nations and the States for support of NEPAD (New Partnership of Africa's Development)? He wants something from Gadaffi, that's for sure, in the interest of the African Union. But what would he want from Mugabe? Mbeki is treading on dangerous ground. And he's taking us along for the ride.

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