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There is a law in this country prohibiting a land owner from evicting squatters who's been on the land for longer than 48 hours. Imagine going on holiday for a couple of days and discovering half of Soweto in your backyard upon your return! Now you need to obtain a court order to get rid of them. 

There is a law also protecting school going children from being expelled if their parents cannot afford school fees. Obviously certain measures are put in place to ensure that no cheating happens. This does not however stop schools and other educational institutions from trying their utmost to get the fees paid - not with much success though. We've seen university students going on the rampage a couple of times trying to 'get in for free' after not paying anything (okay - maybe a little attention) with devastating results. 

For some time now government has been putting pressure on major banks to assist and be 'more lenient' when awarding loans and approving bonds to the 'previously disadvantaged' (puke - that's how I feel about that phrase). Where does the business sense come in when you are told to give money to someone who cannot afford to pay it back? The ANC will pass new laws to enforce certain policies the same way they did with so many others (in spite of what the experts and / or industry have to say). 

The new privacy bill (or is that anti privacy) will surely see it to print never mind the financial implications to ISPs and cell phone operators. 

Getting back to the land issue. Typical case (and it's fact) - a farmer rented out his farm. He has been struggling to get rent out of these people for about four years now. The farmer passed away and the farm was put into a trust and the final will and testament is concluded. The trust is now having a major problem getting the people off the land in order to sell it. According to law the current occupants have ownership now. They have been there for longer than the specified 48 hours without paying rent and no eviction order was issued for the four years they did not pay any rent. Thank you very much! 
Seems that (I don't know if this is already in place or not) the same would apply to Jo Soap either renting or buying a house / property. Strictly speaking I can now go to ABSA (where my bond is), give them some 'cooked' books proving that I cannot afford to pay my bond. What can the bank do to me? I've been in the house for eight years, I've paid my dues as far as the repayment goes? 

What is good for one should apply across the board, right? Dink weer! The draining of white South Africans will continue. Yesterday it was mentioned that the South African taxpayer will probably have to foot the bill for summit road show that is now truly over. And we all know that it's the law-abiding taxpaying (majority white) citizen that will 'k*k' and 'betaal'. My rates, taxes and water/electricity have gone up by a tidy 20% to help fund the township where the majority don't pay a cent towards anything! And this is happening all over. 

Land re-distribution will follow a slightly different route in South Africa than Zimbabwe. We won't have farm invasions, rather a major 'stealth' operation from the majority (black landless 'claimants") which can't be fought out in courts. 

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