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4 August 2002
Tony Yengeni

...the saga continues.

Former ANC Chief Whip, Tony Yengeni is still (like Winnie) in the poo! This time is doesn't involve the arms deal scam with 4 x 4's at massively discounted prices, but a forestry deal and a couple of million Rands.

Zama Resources  Corporation got a R335 million forestry deal after paying off the head of the involved government committee in order to get the deal. Yengeni is a major shareholder in Zama through a family trust. All this was exposed by the Sunday Times investigation into bribery and corruption regarding the above deal. Yengeni is still under investigation relating to the arms deal and this by itself does not look good for him. This is exactly where the paw-paw hit the fan (and the fan was on).

Zama has been paying Yengeni's legal fees without the shareholders knowledge to the tune of over R300 000. Now it seems that old Tony has been living the 'life' long before obtaining his Mercedes through the family trust of which himself, his wife and the children are the beneficiaries. In the meantime the chief executive of Zama has been suspended. This is obviously of no concern to a man like Yengeni who refuses to talk to the press (with a very arrogant attitude). But then again, that's the way most hotshot black people are.

It's like the episode on 3rd Degree (local e-tv television). A man in our neighbourhood got arrested for abusing his family. He got released due to some technicality or police blunder. He returned home and killed his family. Now on 3rd Degree my esteemed neighbour got invited to appear on the program in order to state the government (and more specifically the police) viewpoint on the issue. She agreed. Maybe I must just mention that she is the MEC for safety and security in Gauteng. Not long before the program went on air she withdrew. Reason given as 'previous government engagement'.

Now we all know this was a typical 'duck and dive' move on her part. But once again it illustrates the audacity of government officials in general. The so-called transparency in government is there, but officials reserve the right not to answer to the people. These are the same people who attend courses at Harvard at our expense. These are the same people who drive around in fancy cars (which are replaced every two years). And when they do something really stupid, the get transferred to another department with a promotion. And then the courses start all over again, with a new car that goes with the new position. Thank God they don't slaughter animals next door (Nvula Mokonyane - my neighbour) as part of some ethnic celebration or whatever they wish to call it!

Another pressing issue which raises concern on my side is a case in the Eastern Cape with a character called Father Punch. To quote the Sunday Times : 'Father Punch is accused of illicitly printing and circulating gossip and criticism of top figures in the Eastern Cape legislature.' Apparently a crack detective team has been trying to nail this man with raids on houses, universities and law firms. Their sole task is to trace this guy! The provincial ANC chief whip, one Sicelo Gqobana wants this man badly for 'scandalising my name and scandalising the leadership of the ANC at all levels.' This because Father Punch had the cheek to call some officials by nicknames such as 'hairless dracula' and 'reinless horse'. He also accused some officials of mismanaging funds. Seems these people are exactly what Punch is calling them - how else do you justify this frantic search? Critisism, seems some ANC party members cannot handle it!

Then of course there is the local hacker site that got our lotto company in a tiff! The company obtained a court order to shut the 2600 site down. They claimed copyright infringement on the 'Tata ma Million, Tata ma Chance' which the author of 2600 converted to "Tata ma Million, Tata ma Fu*k-all'. We all know there is no copyright infringement when a logo is used for non-profit or for misguiding people. Seems the lotto company have a couple of skeletons they need hidden. Close to half a billion Rands worth to be honest. Visit the site and see for yourself, it is quite safe - I promise!

The ECT Bill has been signed by Mbeki. If this site with many other domains disappear some time in future, you know why!

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