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Sign of the Times?

The tide is turning...

Read an article in a local newspaper (well, someone else's local) about schoolkids who organised a protest march in order to get their headmaster re-instated. The Heidelberg school headmaster got arrested for "raping" a fellow teacher. Now obviously nothing has been proven as yet, so let's call this an alleged rape. Let's just also clear the air (and any possible misconceptions) that this is a primarily white school with white teachers & ex-headmaster.

First the kids got threatened by other teachers with expulsion and other disciplinary measures if they should choose to participate in the march. Second, all kids who participated in the march were white scholars. Third, and this is the totally unacceptable one, the government is investigating this protest march which they classified as being illegal.

We've seen how many times in the past where protestors take to the streets, sometimes with lots of violence and even death in their trail. All these tragic events have been dismissed after a very superficial invetigation. But let the white kids try and show some solidarity! We'll wait and see what the outcome of this will be.

Now talking about schoolkids - about a year ago a black kid stabbed a white kid at school with a pair of scissors. After an investigation and a court case, the black kid was sent to jail (unfortunately most black schoolkids are older than the normal age). Now this chap has been doing his time according to the courts ruling and punishment. Which is great. You mess up, you pay - I reckon most normal human beings agree with that.

Mandela appeared on TV news the other night paying a visit to this guy in prison (Wrong!). Mandela announced that a trust fund has been set up for this young criminal (Wrong!) to help him with his studies once he's out of jail. Then he appealed to the business community to contribute to this trust fund (Wrong again!). Since when do criminals get a fresh start in life with a twenty grand trust fund? Where does Mandela get the cheek from appealing to anyone (never mind only business) to help establish a convict in normal society. Come on, stabbing anyone with anything with intent to do bodily harm is wrong. Stabbing someone across racial lines is wrong! It was racially motivated? Who knows, but in this case it was not (not proven, but can we believe that). Though, a whitey stabs a black person with anything with intent, it is racially motivated. How do you (or any intelligent person) justify this automatic classification?

Two rugby players were found guilty of killing a young black boy who was poaching on a farm. Intoxicated they were, which made matters worse, racially motivated? Probably. Can anyone prove it? No. Yet, the courts decision was based on the fact that they were white and their victim black. Don't understand me wrong - in jail they'll sit which is right. We're all human, most of us have families and our own dreams and aspirations. No-one, but no-one has the right to take that away from you, except in a court of law where your crimes were deemed such that you have no further part to play in society and life on earth.

Who are the real racists still in this country? Something to think about, you out there!