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Hijackings and 'Smash and Grab' has become such an evil in Gauteng that a special website is now dedicated to highlighting hotspots. eBlockwatch works on the principal that subscribers receive an e-mail and/or an SMS when new incidents are reported in their area. It's grown to such an extent that Pretoria has also been included. Relevant municipalities have gone as far as to erect special 'hi-jacking hot spot' roadsigns!

The state of our emergency services has again been highlighted with an ambulance breaking down in Soweto. Another vehicle arrived to take care of the patient they were transporting whilst the two man crew decided to stay with the broken down vehicle until a mechanic arrives. Unfortunately for them they were attacked by a group of men who took not only personal belongings but also medical equipment from the ambulance.

A case of 'under reward'? A laundry worker at Sandton Sun & Towers discovered 6 000 Euros in a jacket handed in for cleaning. The worker turned the money in to her boss who returned the money to the owner. The owner (a head of state) thought he lost it somewhere in Sandton during the course of the Summit. A couple of days later the general manager of the hotel 'rewarded' the worker with R60.00's worth of shopping vouchers and a thank you note - and that for returning the equivalent of R60 grands worth of money! The 'head of state' was obviously too ignorant (like most government officials) to even bother with same.

Some more on the Summit (or rather, the aftermath) - R1.5 million worth of furniture specially ordered for the Summit has been allocated to schools and charity organisations. Another big rip-off scheme (enough to dowse the good news) was the organisation who took care of accomodation for delegates to the Summit. I was told that this concern charged per room for each house / bed and breakfast made available during the search for additional accomodation, in order to officially register. So, in order for you to submit and get accepted as a 'possible' location for foreigners to stay during their visit to South Africa, you had to pay this British company a couple of thousand Rands per room. That still did not guarantee that delegates to the Summit will actually stay there! Of course there are a lot of sad stories regarding the above. One Soweto woman spent half a million Rand to upgrade her facilities. Even purchasing two brand new mini-busses to transport her guests. Only to be passed over by above mentioned company.

And people 'out there' who took heart when reading some good news on past pages on this website, here's a bit of a downer -
Here is a letter from the Sunday Times (Sept 8):

As a white Afrikaner, a patriot who loves South Africa, I fought my whole life against apartheid. The first time I made use of a constitutional right was when I voted in our first democratic election - for the ANC, for the purpose of having a fair and colourblind society.
Over the past few years I have found myself becoming more uncomfortable with the black majority governments in South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe. Was I becoming a racist? After introspection I realised I haven't changed my liberal democratic views, but that the Zanu-PF, Swapo and ANC governments have changed their principals and are starting to follow a policy of discrimination against whites.
These governments all have good reasons for following their racial policies - historically disadvantaged economic imbalances, racial imbalances in the workplace, land that was stolen, and more. But it is all just apartheid again. The blacks are just doing it to the whites now.
The land policies of presidents Robert Mugabe and Sam Nujoma, for example, are based on false intellectual premises and are racially motivated. In any developed country 80% of the land belongs to 5% of the polpulation for the simple reason that modern farming practises make use of economies of scale. This is a natural phenomenon in any modern agricultural sector. The same situation exists in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Namibia.
The whites did not steal the land; they are just excellent commercial farmers (where are the successful black commercial farmers in Africa?) who produce surpluses (something Mugabe and Nujoma should be thankful for in the light of First-World countries lifting their agricultural subsidies).
This situation is in contrast  to a country like Ethiopia, where 90% of the people live on 90% of the land.
Any first-year economics student will tell you that the growth of modern farming practises goes hand in hand with parallel economic development to absorb the surplus labour being released from the land.This is the failure of Zimbabwe and Namibia, and the land grab is to pacify the unemployed people so that the ruling party can cling to power.
After apartheid, blacks in Namibia and South Africa - like Afrikaners after the Anglo-Boer war and Jews after Hitler - were on moral high ground. But, just as the Boers and the Jews wasted their moral capital on apartheid and Palestine, blacks are spending theirs at an alarming rate on reverse discrimination.
If the leaders of Southern Africa knew that their electoral bases were too unsophisticated to handle the inequalities of life, democracy and a non-racial society, why did they not have the integrity to say so? We could have had a different political dispensation for South Africa, or all the whites could have negotiated a new home overseas and could have left South Africa en masse.
The ANC has control of the most valuable asset in sub-Saharan Africa - four million whites. Is it going to manipulate this asset to its full potential for the good of everybody, or drive them away through Africanisation at all costs?
"Frightened White - Bellville, Western Cape".

Makes you think, doesn't it?