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Got a mail from a (very) regular reader in the UK (an ex-South African) who got a bit excited (shall we call it upset) after discovering the following extract on the Net : 

The United Kingdom should honour its commitments and compensate white Zimbabwe farmers who had lost land during the Zimbabwean land distribution programme, Zimbabwean Foreign Minister Stan Mudenge said on Monday.
He said issues of human rights and democracy should not be mixed up with the right of white farmers in Zimbabwe to compensation, he told journalists after a meeting between South African and Zimbabwean ministers in Pretoria.
"Let's take the route of reason and try and persuade the British government to honour its agreement so white farmers in Zimbabwe do not suffer the trauma they are going through," Mudenge said. "They should not be made to suffer."
He said the matter of compensation should not be confused the issues of democracy and human rights.
"Nobody is saying drop the issues of human rights and democracy. But let's not mix that with the rights of white farmers to be compensated."
Unlike the British government's "megaphone" approach, South Africa's quiet diplomacy towards Zimbabwe has worked, Mudenge said. "When your neighbour is down, you don't drive a lorry over him, you give him a hand so he can get up," (read more) 

Let's look at some other issues regarding Zimbabwe - 

The official US $ rate to the Zim $ is 1:55. The real rate is more a staggering 1:1500. Inflation is currently at around 200% with the IMF predicting a 520% inflation by the end of 2003. Harare itself is 'normal' as far as lifestyle is concerned. That's if you can look past the very expensive basic foodstuff and the real reason for this is FOREX flowing into the country. Highly qualified people have already abondended ship and is supporting their families from outside the country's borders. Informal trade outside the borders are booming with little effect on the official exchange rate and certain assets have become dirt cheap (such as businesses and houses). These practises are the direct cause of life in Harare booming. New 4x4s and expensive German cars are the norm on the streets of Harare. Zanu-PF chiefs have never had it so good. With food being 'hi-jacked' from reaching the poor into the houses of these 'chiefs' which by the way, comes free of charge from the UN, who cares what food costs? (ref. Balancingact-Africa) 

Zimbabwe currently owes the IMF $165 million. According to business, long-term plans is a month. Deon made some very valid remarks with his mail. From the 'interview' (above) one can see that these baboons don't have a clue. Most of the land taken now belongs to Zanu-PF members. The whole idea of getting the UK to compensate farmers is a thinly disguised plot to get British Pounds into the country. Britian never made any promises as per comrade Stans' statement. Britian committed itself to a fair compensation as long as Mugabe stuck to the rules - rules that are acceptable to most normal and fair societies in the world, which they obviously couldn't care a damn about. Mugabe should be shot. His influence over the rest of his troop (the government at large) and his barbaric tactics of intimidation got the country into the state it's in. At hte end of day they now finally realised that the whole exercise was futile, but the damage has been done. Now they are in the brown stuff. With their dubious record on human rights the world would be foolish to take anything coming from Zimbabwe officials seriously. 

In the meantime the UN is rallying for much needed monetary support to help the starving people of Southern Africa. $611 million is needed just for Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe where 14,4 million people face starvation. Angola requires about $384 millionon it's own. Other African countries include the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) - $269 million, Sudan - $255 million, Ethiopia and Uganda. Doesn't that tell you something considering that only North Korea and Palestine are the only non-African countries requiring help? 

South Africa's 'quiet diplomacy' as claimed by Zimbabwe and the South African government extends to delivery of food and fuel for pasella. Zimbabwe is draining this country and taking food out of our mouths. The only good thing about our situation is that more and more black South Africans are seeing the light. They are fed-up and had enough. And this includes black clerical workers to domestic servants. It makes one wonder when Mbeki and the ANC will officially start implementing the same tactics Mugabe has been using to pacify the majority. God help us when the day comes. 


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