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Looking at the successrate of our local police it makes one wonder how these guys manage. This past week 16 robbers hit a cash-in-transit company here in Krugersdorp, managing to get away with millions of Rands. These robbers don't play around, armed with AK's and plenty bullets they ran into some cops with their 9 mils. It wasn't even a match for this Kombi load of robbers. Out of seven, five were killed and two wounded, one seriously. It's just a matter of time before the rest will be apprehended. Good job guys!  

Another nice story is the amount of arrests made on the West Rand (still Krugersdorp / Roodepoort areas) during August. Over 2 000 arrests on priority A crimes - this includes rape, housebreakings and theft, possesion of stolen vehicles, possesion of dagga and other drugs (as well as dealing in such), unlicensed firearms and (believe it or not) illegal dealing in liquor. More than 600 kg of daga were seized with 1 039 tablets of drugs and more than 17 300 liters of liquor. Priority B crimes include illegal immigrants, drinking / gambling in public - here nearly 4 700 arrests were made. 128 suspected stolen vehicles were seized and a 162 firearms with nearly 1 500 rounds were confiscated.  
Over 3 200 police, detectives, traffic officials and SANDF members were involved.

Now that is ridding the law-abiding citizen of some scum. And this exercise is not the only one. It has become a regular 'institution' in our area as well as some others in Gauteng. Campaigns are being planned with regular talks by government officials on the evils of buying stolen goods. A step in the right direction? You bet ya! I have one concern though - where are they taking these criminals? 
The jails are full. The courts are overloaded. Case files can be bought. Officials can be bribed. Note that I say can - not will. Which reminds me of an incident with two white 10111 officials (as they say - how do you make a cop come? Phone 10111). These guys patrol the highways, are highly trained and skilled and respond to emergency situations all over Gauteng. They drive big and nasty BMWs and in general, you don't want to get into an argument with them.
Back to the story - a colleague got pulled over on the highway by one of these cars. The cops got out and accused him of speeding - which he wasn't. When they realised he wasn't going to fall for that, they offered that they are prepared to talk about it. My colleague didn't budge on that one. Then they offered to negotiate the fact that he was drunk - which he wasn't. A last resort to extort some money out of him was to check on his drivers license, which they found had six outstanding tickets against it. This was impossible as the car he was driving is under lease contract which means the leasing company would be liable for any outstanding fines. Well, after this was explained to them they decided to give up. The patrol car had no license plates though it had it's police unit number on it. This incident was reported (hopefully to more honest cops). 
There's two ways to look at this - first, these guys needed some bucks. They decided to try a couple of tricks which didn't work this time round. A great pity that they decided to pull over a nice new Merc with a driver who believes in law and justice. Second, they tried to get someone to discuss a possible bribe - in order to arrest the person for attempted bribery of an official. The first possibility might be the negative side of things but more plausable than the second. Corruption can only be rooted out when government decide to start paying these people a decent salary. Typical of most government departments it is the whitey who suffers under the ANCs laws and rules of employment. 

As we know - if you are black and female, no job can be refused to you - especially in government. With major retrenchments world-wide, it is becomeing tougher and tougher to find something half-decent out there. And in todays economic climate (especially in South Africa), no-one can afford to be without some sort of an income. With interest rates up again (beginning of September) and the Rand still in a steady slide against all currencies, the feature for all South Africans does not look too bright. The PPI is the highest it's been ever (at 15.4%). With the cost of food shooting up at an incredible rate (some items up by 40% compared to the same period last year) the local consumer will have to suffer in silence. Interests will probably go up again as old Tito (Reserve Bank) firmly believes that this is the only way to fight inflation. Mauritius has the lowest inflation of all SADC countries at 6.2% with Zimbabwe sitting at over a 120%. 

With the South African government backing the Palistinians, the Cubans and all their other comrades from communist countries (with terrible human rights issues and total mismanagement and corruption in their countries), things don't look too good for the future. But we still have hope and we can make this country a better place.

The capture and detention of people belonging to a white rightwing group, planning and plotting to overthrow the government should be the big red flashing light to Mbeki and his people. If their plot materialised to blow up half of Sandton during the Summit (with bombs hidden in gas bottles used for cooking), the ANC would've looked very very silly in the eyes of the world. And if it wasn't for the elite Scorpion unit (consisting mostly of whites), these extremists would still be a very threatening reality.

Time to wake up boys!

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