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There is no-where in the world that can compare to South Africa. This statement has been proven over and over. We live in a unique country and under unique circumstances. In spite of various claims and historical facts on the horrors of apartheid, it is amazing how many of our people have risen above it. Let's face it, times were bad then, but how bad really for some?

Black empowerment groups have been thriving. Lawyers, advocates and judges (all black) appeared out of nowhere to take over our justice system. Ministers and other political professionals abound (all black). Financial gurus and medical experts are plentiful (all black). In every aspect of life in this country you can find a black person with the education and the know-how that is making a success of life. Now I ask again, how bad was apartheid for some of them?

We have seen an extraordinary willingness of black kids to learn. Parents are paying their schoolfees a year in advance in order for their kids' education (most white people pay on a monthly basis). We have seen schools obtaining a 100% passing rate of matriculants, year after year. And these include schools with less facilities than others. We see the number of black students increasingly enrolling at exclusive (yes, expensive) private school, every year. It is obvious that their parents acquired the knowledge and power to afford these expenses. Apartheid was bad for the bulk of the blacks, others learned to live with it and even take advantage of it. 

Brilliant people abound in South Africa. History gave us the first heart transplant, two Nobel prize winners, various ground-breaking patents and discoveries with numerous 'world-firsts'. 

The most unique natural resources in the world is what we have. The discovery of diamonds and gold is what started the Anglo-Boer War in the 1840's when the British just had to have it. And to add to that, the fantastic weather! What more can I say? This is damn nice place. Now why would the majority try and stuff it all up for us? Why are so many prepared to stick it out under the ANC government who's making an obvious mess out of life in this country? It is a question of greed and power. 

A major attitude change is required to make things work. Africa is in a mess in general. Africans can't live together in peace. History have shown us the deviousness and 'back-stabbing' nature of the African. Piet Retief was murdered by Dingaan way back when Retief tried to sign a declaration of peace with the Zulu king. We have seen this 'natural phenomena' so many times before. Africa, the cradle of mankind. What really happened here so many years ago? 

The blacks claim Africa as their own. Though going back a few hundred years it has been proven that the Khoi (bushmen) were the first inhabitants of this country. They were the guys that old Jan van Riebeeck met when landing on the Southern tip. They were the guys that Vasco da Gama encountered when him and his crew discovered that the earth was not flat. How brave then is it of the black man to claim Africa as their own? Ignorant and stupid. But then again it has been proven that the black man is like that. The only difference here is that a whitey will eventually face reality and admit he's wrong. The black man will stand up and protest and riot and strike and kill for what he believes (or not). 

That was a quick observation of the basic differences in mentality between us. With a government that wants to govern on African principals it is clear to see which way South Africa is going. With another interest hike looming (the fifth so far this year), food prices out of control and new laws constantly popping up in all aspects of live, it is clear that the majority rule wants more. We hear them claiming Africa, wanting this continent as their own. With no whiteys, no coloureds, no Asians, no Jews. If they carry on the way they do, they will eventually have it. Little 'kraals' with loin cloths and bare breasts. Hunting with spears and eating 'pap'. I have mentioned this before, so many of us (black and white) have decided to try and live together, learn from each other and build a nation. But many others, whites and blacks cannot come to terms with history. 'If you don't know where you come from, how will you know where you're going' has been phrased by someone clever, but learning from and accepting 'where you come from' is another challenge all together. 

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