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A bit on Mugabe this week - seems the SADC members had enough (or rather, the majority) of Mugabes' stronghanded tactics as far as the overall running of Zimbabwe is concerned.   
Mugabe was next in line for the position of deputy chairman of the Southern African Development Community which would've automatically provided him of the chairmanship eventually. He was told that he was 'unfit' to hold this position. Obviously brother Mugabe was not impressed. Other representatives (re. heads of states) argued that his filling this position will not project a good image of the organisation, largely funded by overseas organisations / countries. About bloody time. 
In arguing the whole issue, Namibia had to defend Mugabe as they are following the same route and as expected, brother Mbeki did not participate. Makes one think that it is time to confirm suspicions that Mbeki is dying to pull the same stunts here! Good one for Malawian president Bakili Muluzi who dropped this one on SADC. As a white man, I'll take my hat off for him! 

And then there is the rich man of Africa - our old friend (he's not black so he's not a brother) Muammar Gaddafi. His country now refuses to supply old brother Mugabe with more oil. With a debt of R650 million for oil supplied was enough to convince the oil companies in Libya to stop supply. Zimbabwe (used to) get 70% of their oil from Lybia and still claims that there is enough fuel in Zims for a long time. Apparently most of the service stations around the country have run dry. Kuwait is another supplier waiting for payment on a 100 million liters of oil. Zimbabwean Deputy Energy Minister claims an "artificial shortage". Baboon? Or just a typical response from someone waiting to be awarded a farm? 

Back on home soil - we are all still trying to come to terms with the increase of basic foodstuff. Consumer inflation is standing at 10.8%, basic food has risen 17.1% in one year. The latest Household Subsistance Level survey shows that (in simple words) the poor (remember that there is no middle class anymore - only poor and damn poor) can't afford to live anymore. Mealiemeal prices have increased by 110%, potatoes by 82% and cabbage by 60%. The Deprtment of Medicine at the University of Cape Town found that 43% of South African households suffer from 'food poverty'. Then brother Mugabe still has the cheek to turn down food aid because of genetic 'engineering'. It is this ape (or was it a baboon) and his brother Mbeki that is draining South African resources and leaving the South Africans without adequate food and fuel!  We know that millions of liters of oil and zillions of tons of food is being shipped to Zimbabwe on a regular basis. And Zambia is not far behind. 600 000 tons of maize was offered to Zambia. They said 'no thanks' because the maize is genetically modified. The UN estimates that 2.5 million people risk starving with Zambia saying that they're hungry, but not starving. Wonder where they draw the line? 

The 600 000 tons of maize were offered to Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi and Zambie (in milled form) in order to feed 13 million 'hungry' people. Brother Mbeki should've known better. How can he offer to mill this maize for these countries when the leaders of these countries all drive 4x4's and weigh more than half their countries population? Now if that wasn't sarcasm then I missed the boat totally! On top of this, brother Mbeki offered an additional 100 000 tons of South African maize as a bonus! Maize up by 110%? Now you know why. Baboons (or was that apes?)!  

Seems Uthingo, the national lottery company is getting a bit concerned over all the hoo-ha started by one local hacker (of 2600 fame). They took out a two page advertorial in the Sunday Times trying to explain how things work and why. They also made good use of this space (which must've cost them a fortune) with promotional articles on all the good they have done with the nations money. Heard some ads on radio as well claiming that millions have been paid out but not mentioning what is happening with the balance of the (now known) R19.2 billion! What's the old saying - you can only bulls**t so many people? The damage has been done - and I'm not alone. Anycase, with the cost of living what it is, who can afford to gamble?  

Strange that so many opposition Municipal Councillors are finding their way into the ANC/NNP alliance camp. The constitutional court ruled that party members can 'swop' parties mid-term. Where does that leave the voter? Personally I would terrorise any DP party member abondoning ship to join the ANC/NNP (the only party I could vote for that stood a bit of a chance against the ANC in the last elections). Traitor will be the just word. 

Maybe they need fattening up on cheap maize! Maybe the ANC government has scheduled a second gravy train.

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