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108 runs for 92 balls - Gibbs, that's our man. And Sri Lanka is down 3 games in 4 with the final in Bloemfontein this weekend. At least we can still talk cricket!

Just a little quickie I picked up by 'accident'- if anyone out there is still in any doubt about the kind of nonsense us remaining whiteys have to put up with, read this story and weep! As far as I'm concerned, this is the type of columnist trash that is the main cause of a still lingering racial tension and hatred.

Oh boy, the Sunday Times keep on uncovering what the ANC government desperately tries to cover up. Unfortunately for them our constitution (thanks mainly to the ANC) makes things very difficult for the gravy train passengers out there. Local councils seems to be going to town once again with the festive season upon us. Johannesburg council was running a deficit of R1.45 billion during 2000/2001 but the council saw it fit to pay their finance manager a nice R130 thousand bonus for boosting the city's cash collection to 94%. That's his job, or am I missing something? The 'contract manager' got a nice R110 thousand for establishing 12 city owned companies, of which the new refuse removal company Pikitup is one. I wonder what it cost the council to put these infrastructures in place. Close on half a million has been spent on bonusses for various officials. According to the council top managers qualify for bonusses up to 20% of their salaries. These people are being evaluated and given 'points' according to their performance - the 'crooked' side to this is that they're being evaluated by their superiors and not by the people paying their salaries. Valid point from the DA - the recipients had not performed according to ratepayers' expectations. And Jo'burg is still 'undercollecting' R100 million per month.

In business you're taught that if something can't be measured, it can't be evaluated nor improved. How does the council measure performances? Do they even consider talking to the ratepayers in drafting the procedure? What happened to the 'transparency' that they always brag about? Considering the millions of Rands collected by the councils every year, half a million is not much. And considering that Mbeki can go out and get approval from parlaiment to spend enough money on a single aeroplane that could've put (just about) a million bucks into every South African citisens' pocket, we are really talking small change here. But the buck does not stop here.

Tshwane (where-ever that might be, could be Pretoria if memory serves me right) councillors have now decided that the time has come for ratepayers to fork out for their insurance. The local ANC dominated council are investigating the possibilities of not having to foot the bill to insure their homes and furniture. Ratepayers are already footing the bill in paying for the 152 councillors' insurances covering death, disability, medical and funeral cover. The Chief whip, one Petunia Mashaba argues that councillors are an asset to the city and therefor should be protected. What they're really scared of is screwing up. Because when they screw up major, the people don't like them. And when the people don't like them, their property gets damaged by rioting blacks. The Jo'burg mayor has first hand experience of this. And maybe there is the possibility of 'over-insurance' so that if the paw-paw hits the fan, they can claim a lot more than what they've lost. What they fail to realise is that they're working for the people! What they're trying to proove is that the people are actually working for them! And with an eight year history since coming into power it is fact. It's only the stupid (like myself) that still kick against this idea of having to work for the government. After all, no-one has told us that we've changed to Communism?

It is amazing how people adapt to the situation in this country. Simple example is selling your house. The famous castle on top of Kyalami hill started the trend of charging potential buyers who need to view the property. Pam Golding Properties reckon that most of this money is donated to charities. And it keeps the riff-raff away. Obviously I can't charge for my house, but when you're part of the rich and famous with a property worth R5 million or more, you need the bucks! And with the 'previously disadvantaged' increasingly moving into these type of neighbourhoods, they might just have a 'show-house' in order to pay for that new Rover parked in the triple-garages. Winnie Mandela can sure do with that! In Westcliff one man charged a 50 buck 'entrance fee' for viewing his R13 million house. He raised five thousand bucks which he donated to the local policing forum. The cops need it, believe me. But if he was serious about raising money for the cops he should've advertised it. Maybe I would've made an effort to go purely to support his cause. And getting a bit of an insight into what a R13 million house look like on the inside, would've been quite worth paying the 50 bucks.

Good news story this week is that the Scorpions can have a donation from me anytime. They've been very active amongst government officials with a couple of arrests under belt regarding corruption. Seems most of these people think they're above the law with this point nicely highlighted by a black magistrate who shot dead another man in a fit of roadrage. He told bystanders that 'the police can't arrest me' and fled the scene. Moments later he was in jail. And the Nasrec rapist I reported on last week got 700 years. How ridiculous is that? With governments' stance on the death penalty, they should've castraded the bastard and let him back into the community. He would've been dead by the morning. Maybe I should start an organisation (with the necessary international support of course) that pays bail to all these serious criminals. I could start various community forums where all the locals will be informed of these malicious 'people' living amongst them, keeping them informed of a possible guilty verdict. Jimmy Swaggart or one of those motivational speakers can drum up the emotions and then we'll pay the bail. Of course the police must be involved - we don't want innocent people to die because of a bit of media hype. No more 'getting off on a technicality'. Let the people do justice where the courts and government fails.

Methinks I should speak with warmonger Bush. Must just find a way of adding the word 'al-Qaeda' in somewhere. Because terrorists they surely are.

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