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25 January 2001
Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma

Ja, just as I was starting to wonder about what should enjoy my attention for this week, it's on the frontpage of the Star newspaper. Our government never fails to surprise you.

First a bit of feedback on the cholera crisis. Well, it's not in Kwa-Zulu Natal anymore. It's all over the country! Luckily the Cape is quite a distance from here so the changes are remote that they will be next.
Now tell me something, our government can't contain general diseases like foot in mouth and cholera, does the world really expect them to fight AIDS? A laugh.

Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma. Yes, I thought I would never have to think about this tragic case again. It's a question of utter revolt and total desperation that springs to mind the moment I hear that name. This by the way, is our esteemed Minister of Foreign Affairs. Previously in charge of Health. A big fat round black thing that spends money like there is no tomorrow. A couple of Million during her days as Health Minister for an anti-AIDS educational stage play which was not researched properly and with in-effective storyline and content. A big outcry followed this after which the Nine Million Rand was written off and the show cancelled.
You can't say our government does not believe in second chances. Now she's Minister of Foreign Affairs. The same silly fat round and black person that gave America (and the rest of the world) so much stick about AIDS related drugs and drugs in general. She obviously didn't know what was going for what in the health business, so let's see how many more people she can cheese-off. This is the same silly fat round black thing that put us smokers in such a bad mood this year. She initiated the very strict (according to South African standards) anti-tobacco laws when still in Health. But that's another issue.

Seems this silly fat round black little thing has decided to cheese-off the UK. The British Minister for Africa, one Peter Hain made a very valid remark concerning South Africa's policy on land reform as to what's been and is happening in Zimbabwe. This was on a recent visit to Cape Town during which Hain apparently pledged a lot of British support for South Africa. Remembering at the same time the remarks from our Vice-President (also a Zuma - Jacob) that Zimbabwe's land reform with "settlers" occupying the land of their choice, was an excellent idea which should be adopted by South Africa (or something like that). This was the time the Rand dropped to ground zero and never recovered. "Quick of a sudden"* Dlamini-Zuma decided that Mbeki can't go and visit the Poms next month. She wrote a strongworded letter to the local British Foreign Minister complaining bitterly about a bit of criticism. This country is not run by decent human-beings anymore. This country is run by the ANC. Power hungry and getting very close to being untouchable.

I suppose we'll have to wait and see if the clever world out there has a helping hand for the oppressed whites in South Africa. Hollywood must be waiting in anticipation.

*"Quick of a Sudden" is a Gerrie Trademark!