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16 April 2001
Trust SA Newsletter  

This week: Kadar Asmal’s diversity.
Ridiculous: Slandering the president.


Kadar Asmal is a dangerous man.  When he ran Water Affairs, it was a near perfect position to keep him from endangering humans with his grand social engineering schemes.  Although he certainly tried in a roundabout way what with the flora militia helicoptering around the country putting alien invasive species to the sword, er machete.

Now Asmal, SA’s first elected know-it-all, is supposed to be on the lookout for our children as Education minister.  We can’t think of a worse appointment if you believe in real democracy and real freedom, neither of which suit Asmal’s formulaic view of life.  

Previously, those sentiments were admittedly abstract, but it never takes long for a determined social engineer to run up his true colours.

For example, Asmal threw a fit because a gathering of Christians in Newlands, Cape Town proved more popular than the ANC on Freedom Day.  As 
is typical of the ANC leadership, he wasn’t man enough to lay the blame on himself and his party, but resorted to hate speech accusing the Christians of intolerance in an attempt to incite his paltry audience.  

Even when embarrassed into an apology, Asmal could still not do it with grace and humility.  Instead he blamed the media (what else) and then mounted a sophist’s prize defence for his disgraceful actions saying that he couldn’t possibly hate Christians because he was “shaped” by Albert Luthuli.  Yes Asmal, and many white children were “shaped” by black nannies so they can’t possibly be racist.

It is all too clear that Asmal harbours hatred for Christians and similar voluntarily formed social groups.  The Newlands incident must be seen in the context of Asmal’s very deliberate attempt to subvert the Constitution in a variety of ways.  When Asmal preaches diversity and tolerance, he intends exactly the opposite.

His willful interference in the selection of Potchefstroom University’s new Chancellor illustrates this well.  Potch would like to appoint a person who subscribes to its values.  However, Asmal says Potch is not free to frame its own values and must accept those imposed on it by him in his capacity as Education boss.  It is a shocking subversion of the right to freely associate and gather, but Asmal is pulling out all the stops to characterize Potch as making its selection on the basis of exclusion.

If Asmal succeeds, he will turn the clock back to 1950 when it was up to the National Party to make decisions on our behalf.  Asmal is simply exploiting the lack of sophistication required to understand the difference between free association and discriminatory exclusion.  If he wins, it means that no church has the right to elect members based on their confession of faith according to set doctrines; it means that cultural groups no longer have a self-described identity; and the current Zulu monarchy has no exclusive claim to its lineage - among many other examples.   

What a mess, but Asmal would be happy to impose his freedom on yours.  

The same can be seen in his attempt to structure a politically correct curriculum.  Now our children are to be instructed by valueless censors who will sift what they assimilate based on nothing more than trying to avoid hurt feelings.  Shame.  How long before Biblical Studies is banned given all those judgements.  Phew, we wouldn’t want our kids exposed to Natural Law would we?


According to the ANC, it is now at war with journalist Max du Preez over allegations of Mbeki’s womanizing.  The way in which du Preez got the issue into the public domain was tasteless, but the ANC’s rabid overreaction was worse.  True to its muddled authoritarian principles, the ANC would now like to make it illegal to say a harsh word about the president.   The free speech issues aside, it betrays the foolish insecurity that grips the ruling party and its thin-skinned leaders.  
The degree of protestation tells us that there’s more than a grain of truth to the rumours which would have died their own death before the zealots made an issue of them.   Now that the ANC is officially at war with the press, we’d just like to remind local cartoonists especially to keep a bag packed for that inevitable knock at the door early in the morning.

For the record, Trust SA believes a president’s personal behaviour is very much a matter for the public and press to debate.  Behaviour reflects character and who needs weak character in a president.

© Trust SA.