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Why don't we leave?
If the white South Africans are so fed-up with their black government, why don't they leave?

We are. That's the short and sweet of it. Since before the general elections in 1994, this country has lost thousands of qualified citizens to the rest of the world. At one stage more than 25 highly qualified professionals left per month - family and all.

This was known as the "brain-drain" and unfortunately this trend is still continuing. Corporates don't know where to turn in order to find the necessary skills, the medical industry is in a mess due to the shortage of doctors (never mind specialists). These are the people who had the skills and background (and of course the money) to be able to leave.
To be honest, I myself had an LSD trip to Sydney (Look, See and Decide) Australia. Unfortunately there were a couple of factors counting against me (such as age) in order to qualify for entry.

Most popular destinations for South Africans - Australia, United Kingdom and the US of A (in that order). According to statistics there are more South Africans in Perth than Australians - Perth is generally known as "little SA". New Zealand is also a popular "settling" spot.

What do we look for when deciding to leave? Major factor is weather. If pushed too far, any destination will do. This is relevant if the cause is crime, of which we have plenty. I personally know of two families who migrated to Canada because of crime (never mind the weather).

South African skills are in high demand overseas. We are known for our dedication and hard work. With years of "sanction-busting" experience and getting the best out of the limited resources available to us, we have the experience and know-how that the rest of the world lacks. Every agency I contacted in Oz wanted to see me the moment they answered the phone. A South African accent certainly does open some doors.
The main problem with getting out is (currently) the exchange rate. Our money is worth nothing. The market is so depressed that you can't just sell your house and belongings and pack up to go. You dare not rent it out due to fears of a hooligan element that might end up in your house. You cannot leave it empty - the squatters would love you for that! And with our laws as they stand currently, you will have a close to impossible task of evicting illegals from your property. If you do sell your property, don't expect market value. Owners of a second property would be kindly advised to sell these a.s.a.p. if they haven't done so yet. With new legislation coming into effect very soon, these land-owners will be taxed to near death on a second property.

That is another reason why less and less people become land-owners.  Prohibitive laws and high taxes make town-houses and complexes a much better alternative. With what's been happening in Zimbabwe, you can only feel sorry for the white farmers out there. Mbeki never took a clear stand against Mugabe's encouragement of farm-invasions. Makes you think, doesn't it?

I am still here because of a positive attitude and a love for my country. This will probably cost me my life at the end of the day. I am not alone and like thousands of other white South Africans, we believe in what many terms "a fools dream" of making a good living here. This is becoming harder as the whites in this country is being milked of whatever riches they had to provide for the un-employed "terrorists" of yesterday. The government is known as RIOBC (Robin Island Old Boys Club) and will remain friends with the Cuba's of this world.

Organisations across the globe are most impressed with their past efforts to abolish the apartheid regime with no foresight (at the time) and still no knowledge of what they've done. White South Africans are living on black land. We don't belong here anymore and soon the whites of this country will have to get in their boats, put on their swimsuits and leave. Where to? No-one knows, but we prefer to not think of this until we're absolutely forced to.

Foolish? I'd say, but how do you just give up what you believe in?

This page was last updated on: September 11, 2000

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