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28 August 2000
National Conference of Racism & Teen USA

My apologies for being late this week. This is due to various problems with which I won't bore you. 

This week sees the first National Conference of Racism gathering in South Africa. Mbeki like a typical black African goes straight out and blame white Africans for the fact that racism is alive and well. What a fool! The problem with most politicians are that they loose touch of what's happening on the ground. Our "esteemed" President went "jolling" overseas for the first six months of this year to go beg. Beg for money, beg for better industrial relationships, beg for the dropping of all foreign debt, beg for the survival of black Africans. What a sham!

Suppose they need someone to fund the Gravy Train now that there's not that much to be offered by the poor whites in this country. Our government has already sucked us dry! 
Good show by the white Union of Mineworkers. Big banners outside this racism farce proclaiming that Affirmative Action is a new type of racism against all whites. Exactly! Where can whites afford to be racist with so many laws in place forcing each individual to watch what he says and whom he employes. What is however making whites the hell in is the way the government is draining white resources in order to uplift the poor. What a crappy excuse when you look at the amount of rich blacks in comparison with the amount of rich whites. Who is enriching whom and at who's expense?

This government will not stop until the time when the roles are totally reversed to what it was twenty years ago. I've booked my bicycle 'cause that's all a white man in this country will be able to afford in another five years' time. 

Watched the Miss Teen USA last night on one of the local channels. Does that smack of apartheid or what? One African-American contestant? If that was in this country there would've been maybe two white contestants. A show as it was last night would not have been permitted in this country. 
Sport is being boycotted or outright banned (teams that is) from competing if not enough blacks are included in order to reflect the true balance of our population. Bugger qualifications, who cares if our Springbucks are any good or if any team wins anything! 
So maybe we should start working on some ointment to change our hair and skin colour. 

Another MEC bit the dust with trying to build a personal empire in government. These new family businesses are booming! Brothers and sisters are being employed and paid by the public for not knowing what the heck they're doing. Mpamalunga (the old Transvaal) admitted to overspending 503 Million Rand during the first three months of this financial year! Where's the so-called transparency in the whole process? 
Well, we only see what's happening once someone actually blows the whistle on them. If they can handle the pressure of death threats and intimidation. 

Another bomb in Cape Town. This time in Adderley Street. Again (luckily) no-one injured. Fortunately it seems that eventually all the money spent on camera equipment to combat crime might just pay off. For the first time (according to Business Against Crime) the Capetonians said "enough". All of a sudden breakpoint seems to have been reached. These people now have had enough. Fertilizer and Diesel - makes nice bombs. These bombers had to detonate a bomb on one of the busiest streets in Cape Town for the citizens to realize that this is getting dangerous, for them! About time they catch a wake-up. 

But then again, most Capetonians are so laid back and smoked-up that it takes something like this to grab their attention.