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18 September 2000
Prisoners and Apologies

So, the prisoners were released, and typical to our "very efficient" family business (prison services) we had a repitition of three years ago where the "wrong" prisoners got released. 
This time though we expected this to happen. And strangely enough, seems that government was expecting this too. It was not long for the Hundred and Sixty odd wrongly released prisoners to be re-arrested. Of course they didn't get the lot! Some have connections and money to pay the bribes. 

Big issue currently is Mbeki's refusal to accept the world's research on whether HIV causes AIDS or not. A local radio jock, John Robbie (702 Radio) slammed the phone down on our Minister of Health after her refusal and plain stupid "ducking and diving" the issue of HIV and AIDS, during a telephonic interview. Robbie remarked that he "cannot listen any longer to this nonsense" and promptly hung up. The stations bosses were in an uproar about this (strangely only after government lodged a complaint) and Robbie was forced to apologize. His apology was not for being fed-up with incompetent ministers, but for so rudely hanging up. She (the minister) got her apology. 
John Robbie is controversial at the best of times. It is strange though to see, in one lifetime, how quickly the wheel turns. Not that long ago Robbie was all pro-ANC, pro-Black and pro anything to do with the "disadvantaged" and totally against the then government (NP) and the whites in general. I have heard on many occasions how rude and obnoxious he could get if someone expressed a view which went against any of his black friends. He would cut conversations with whites (during phone-in programs) and then talk for hours to all the blacks phoning in. This is one of the nicest things that probably happened to 702 TalkRadio.
I think I'll invite some friends over for a party! 

Next step in this saga is COSATU (the biggest union in S.A.) wanting clarification from Mbeki on the whole issue of HIV and AIDS. This is being pushed to such an extent that COSATU is now threatening a split from the ANC, their life-long compatriot and comrade.  

Crime is still with us. Cape Town has seen some more bombings and murderers are now targeting kids. This is sickening to say the least. I could (so can most of our citizens - black and white) guarantee a much lower crime-rate if the death penality was re-introduced. The problem with this is that the ANC will loose so many potential votes that they'll be out of office before they can say AK47 (never mind trying to spell it). 

Amazing how many visitors South African stalls have been attracting at overseas shows. Our company went to AutoMechanika in Frankfurt earlier this month. Our guys there were so busy that they hardly had time to sit down during the show's three days. 
The same thing happened at another show (somewhere in Europe) where the Germans apparently could not get enough information about business opportunities in South Africa. All I can do is wish them luck. 
Don't they learn from their own problems with the influx of so many foreigners claiming state pension? Even better, from their own compatriots based in South Africa? 

Amazing trip to the South African International Air Show a week ago. What peeved me off though was bus after bus filled with school kids (black of course) that's got no interest whatsoever in things with wings. All it did was to aggrevate the real enthusiast and adding to the attendance figures. I got there at ten, by twelve more than thirty thousand visitors have entered the show. Take twenty thou off for the "previously disadvantaged" and what do you get?  

This whole issue of equal opportunity is a big thorn in the side of many whites. I grew up disadvantaged, my mother was a teacher with four kids to tend to after her husband left her. No maintenance, no support. Where do I enjoy any of these new priviliges?  

I'm white you fool!