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14 December 2001
Positive..., or Not. 

Some things need some brainpower.
Read an e-mail which was sent to me by one of my colleagues this past week. It was an extract of a speech by a South African to South Africans during these especially difficult times. It was a very positive message to all South Africanswith the underIying message of "stop your whimping and thank God for what you have". I will post this for your own reading soon.
This is great, ain't it. I count things positive on one hand. First there is God, even if I'm nowhere close to going to heaven. Then there is my family, all of them. And of course the fact that I'm better off than some with which comes the fact that I have a job. There's not much more I'm afraid. Sure you can go on about the fact that the sun rises every day, that your health is probably as good as what you've allowed yourself, that there are fish in the sea and clouds in the sky. There must be more surely? 

Prosperity tops my list. Then there is freedom. Looking at only these two issues you'll realise that there are millions yearning for exactly that. There are those though that constantly try and undermine your progress and attitude towards what constitute real happiness. 
In a recent international study it was revealed that South Africans are the most stressed people in the world. Surprised? Now I understand why I feel satisfaction when someone else gets what's due to him for a minor "mistake" or for pure ignorance. I also understand the incidents of road rage happening on our roads on a way too frequent basis. Not a healthy situation is it.

I still make a living, somehow. There is no distinction between rich and poor anymore. There's no middle-class. Understand this, I have the utmost respect for people who got themselves to the position / situation where they don't need to worry too much about the groceries bill. People who took the chance andf made a success of it. People who were afforded the opportunity to uplift themselves and made it to the top. Well that's where you need to be right now. At the top.
What really gets me though is the theft of taxpayers money to enrich the government and their families. There are plenty others at the top who's still there through theft and corruption, stealing from Jo Soap and the government. Is there place on this earth for the average, honest and hardworking person? If you think so, come live in South Africa, You'll enjoy the wonderfull weather (well, most of the time), roads that are better than most (if not all) other African countries, a constitutional right second to none (whatch out if your white), a national anthem of which you can't pronounce half the words, a national flag that looks like a Rastas' jockstrap and a government you can bribe. It's a beautiful country, no argument. Foreign sports people can't stop talking about the hospitality of the people. Just don't go where you don't belong or you might just go home in the news. Another crime statistic.

Yes, we have plenty to be thankful for. We could've had Mugabe as president and George W. Bush as defence minister. But there is so much more that can be done for all South Africans. If the ANC government was willing. There are plenty of "if"s with the most important being crime. If the government left the bloddy death penalty in place and clamped down on crime from the time they got into power, South Africa would be the best tourist attraction in the world today. Look at the exchange rate and imagine what a "joll" foreigners can have here. With plenty to offer, the best hotel in the world, some of the best casinos, shopping centers round every corner, the best lodges and wildlife - what more do you want from a holiday? But our brilliant constitution took that away. A criminal has more rights in South Africa than his/her victim. Child rapes are shaking the nation by the day and soon it will just become another crime statistic.

If we were more like the Americans, with the September 11 shock still in our minds, this brilliantly positive e-mail is doing the rounds.

So South Africans, what are we to do about this situation? Not much I'm afraid. The ANC is here to stay. How can one have pride in it's country and people when things have gone so terribly wrong? 

My pride comes from my history. The Afrikaner history, the white history. 

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