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17 January 2001
Nkosi Johnson & Retribution 

Political turmoil in Africa. Kabila has apparently been shot by one of his bodyguards during an attempted coup. What will happen in the Congo? To be honest, who really really cares. 

Closer to home. We've been hearing and seeing way too much of little Nkosi Johnson. For the uninformed - he is a little black boy of eleven who was born with HIV and now developed full-blown AIDS. He was abondened by his mother and adopted by a white woman. Excuse me for not expanding on this "whitey" who's in it for the money. 
Nkosi delivered a speech at the International Aids Conference held last year in Durban in support of the battle against AIDS in South Africa. It was during his speech that our honourable president Thabo Mbeki got up and walked out. Maybe it had something to do with the HIV connection. Anyway, the papers are full of Nkosi now lying on his deathbed, TV can't find an end to the tributes to this boy and even the Internet is being used to pay tribute to a brave soul now on his way. 

Hogwash, utter and total bull! I am not without a soul and I am not a total Swaztika-bearing Nazi racist. I am just fed-up with the general attitude in this country concerning AIDS and the lives being claimed every single day by this disease. Ignorant and arrogant like the government except when it suits them. A national outcry is being "demanded" by the ANC over the immenent death of Nkosi. When the day comes they'll probably declare it a public holiday. What then about so many others. Rejected by their own parents and communities and ultimately becoming the States' (re. the taxpayer) burden. 
What happened to AIDS education? What happened to the Zillions of Rands (okay, maybe it's only Millions) donated by foreign governments to help fight this desease? Which pockets were lined by the "greenbacks"?  

Come on, get real. Foreign governments much catch a serious wake-up. Africa is in pain. Africa is a "take what you get and keep it for yourself" continent, despite the deseases, the poverty and desperation amongst many of it's inhabitants. 
I grew up on a farm in the Northern Transvaal. Farmers looked after their workers, providing shelter and food. The black workers refused to plant their own crops. Why? Simple, the worker from the neighbouring farm will come and steal his crop. With this sort of mentality, where will we end up? Waiting for hand-outs, isn't that what's been happening for the past six years? Scrap foreign debt in Africa - Mbeki's biggest mission on earth. Instead of getting off their backsides and start sacrificing the luxuries they've so quickly become accustomed to. 

Unfortunately at this stage the ANC government is in charge of all hand-outs. Very little actually filters through to the suffering masses. Another typical example is "retribution payments". The government budgeted Four Hundred Million Rand for the upliftment of the so-called underpriviliged. Three-Hundred got to where it was intended, a further Four Hundred came in from foreign countries which got on the gravy train as expense money. Now the ANC is threatening legislation to force companies to pay "retribution money". Their argument is that all companies still in operation from the apartheid days, benefitted from the then legislation and therefore must pay retribution. Again hogwash! 
So it was with utmost delight that I took note of all the major corporations in South Africa's response to this demand. A resounding "Go Away"! Isn't it great when a plan comes together.