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July 2000
Neighbours, Russians & Bombs

900 Farmers killed in two years - frightening! What makes you think that we're slowly but surely getting to the Zimbabwean situation?

Sad story about a road accident that claimed seven lives. The relatives wanted to bury their dead on the farmers' land where the accident occured. The farmer said "no" (would you have graves of unknown black people on your land?). A black man interviewed concerning this issue remarked "It is time that we terrorise these boere so that they will run away and leave our land forever". Progress in the New Improved South Africa? Don't look like it.

Another bomb-blast in Cape Town. The second to target a Gay Bar within a couple of months. Of course these gay bashers are too scared to claim responsibility. Luckily no-one was seriously injured in both incidents. Seems the fairest Cape is not so safe. But then, we've known that all along. 
When Gauteng (Johannesburg) became the crime capitol of the world everyone rushed down to Cape Town. Now they're all coming back. The transport companies must be coining it. Not to even mention the property agents.The problems in the Cape need resolving. I am glad to hear that the cowards responsible for the bus attacks have been caught. Now let's hope that the taxi bosses who instigated the whole episode will also be brought to book. And hopefully the Police will build decent, watertight cases against these maniacs.

Talk about watertight, sadly the Russians can't build their submarines watertight and the Americans are emptying the sea to extinguish the raging veld fires. I wish both nations luck with their efforts.

The latest African "self-defense" mechanism is showing results in the Northern Transvaal. When you report a crime and the criminals are brought to book, you move house (country if possible). Revenge is sweet for criminals. Heard a story about a black man that got sentenced 15 years for a serious offence (must've been murder). On being escourted out of the court room, he turned around and told the judge "I know where you live, I know your family and I will be back to kill you". With the well-known gesture of a forefinger slitting across the throat, he laughed and left the court room on his way to the cells. Obviously the judge was totally surprised at this response and forgot to give him life in response. Now if this criminal is lucky he'll be out in five.
Law-abiding citizens just don't report crime when blacks are involved. I've had warnings from the Police after reporting my neighbour for loud parties which (most of the time) carries on from Saturday afternoons until Sunday mornings. "Meneer," I was told " unfortunately we're dealing with blacks and it is common knowledge that these people might try to intimidate you and your family." Here we're talking about my well-known previously MEC for Parks & Recreation, now MEC for Safety & Liaison in Gauteng. Luckily for me they've been behaving. I'm saying me because I'm white. The same incidents occur in business.

At a local municipality (talking about Pietersburg) all white staff must retire at 50 years of age. This is to make provision for the black invasion. When whites leave or retire, they will be replaced by blacks (and we've seen that that means qualified or not). At this same place a black man was caught stealing money from the city. He got demoted but stayed on. A white scumbag stole money as well but got fired on the spot. Justice? Don't think so. Black people in high posts are sitting dandy with white advisors and / or white juniors running the show. My heart bleeds for the city of Pietersburg (that's where I grew up) just thinking about what the future holds for them. 
This once blooming city has seen it's backside, and it's getting worse.