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4 September 2000
The Lotto, Retribution & Gravy Train

Hilarious (frightful at the time) story about some Rastas that abducted a schoolboy (9 years old) in order to rob him. They let him go after a bit of driving around, realising that he had no money. What a bunch of loosers!

Further to the first ever gathering to discuss racism in Sandton (Jhb) - change is taking too long. That is the official verdict. Other highlights include the discussion on possible laws to enforce the payment of retribution by all whites (who all benefited from apartheid) to the blacks in the country. For now, it was decided that laws will not be necessary if individuals and companies, who has the resources and means, do this of their own accord.

What in heavens name are these people thinking? How much money do they (the government) think they can still drain out of the "every day poorer" white? As it is 5 million whites are already supporting the 30 odd million black population in South Africa. How many more coaches do they need on the Gravy Train? Where are the millions of Rands they're already getting through taxes and (not to mention) the national lottery going to? Every week the government collects in the region of 50 Million Rand just on lottery ticket sales. Certain percentages are allocated to the administration company, the seller and the pay-out. The balance goes into government coffers. What was supposed to be an organised way of collecting money for hospices, child care etc., is still with government. None of these charity organisations have seen a cent of this money.

I've mentioned their predicament a week or two ago. Still nothing is being done to distribute this money. The taxman would rather pay their tax collectors millions in bonuses than apply this money for the general upliftment of the dis-advantaged black population. That is another very sensitive point - what about the poor whites? What about the current white male that is being discriminated against because of his race and gender. These guys know how to F this up.

There is no other way to express this. Highly qualified individuals can't find a job based on race and gender. It boggles the mind. How long did Mbeki and his comrades think the abolishment of discrimination was going to take? A year? A generation?

Apartheid is a mindset. It is the way you're brought up, the company you keep and in general, your own bred-in sense of being and fairness. Adverts on TV shows this ideal world (especially the SA Breweries adds) with black and white living in harmony. Sure it's possible - if we work together.

Currently whites in this country are getting ready to fight for survival. The reverse apartheid instigated by affirmative action laws are slowly but surely squeezing the life out of us. Market research done by Markinor (independant company) indicated quite clearly that 14 percent more whites have a negative outlook on SA's future compared to two years ago. Farm invasions and the burning of crops in Kwa-Zulu Natal is not helping either. As I mentioned before, the attitude is - if they (the Boers) don't want to leave, we will terrorise them until they run away.

What is a farmer without his crop? Overnight blacks go and pitch their shacks. The next day the farmer has a battle and a half on his hands to get rid of these people. The invaders' argument is the age-old one of "this was our land, we're back now".

And now for something totally different - I was most impressed with the way Haga performed at Assen (Holland) over the weekend. The second heat in the Superbikes was the best I've ever witnessed. Great show, especially seeing I'm a Yamaha fan. Valentino Rossi also put up a great show in Portugal to finish second behind another Yamaha rider, Gary McCoy (Red Bull) from Oz. Pity to hear that Yamaha won't be fielding a factory team in the 250 class next year. Hopefully Nakano (Chesterfield Yamaha) will recover fully after his horrific crash during the race.