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12 March 2001
Let's talk about sex baby - Part 1

 The Sunday Times revealed some shocking statistics concerning the general attitude and perception amongst youths concerning HIV/AIDS. From there my remark last week that maybe this is the South African whites' last hope for survival in an every increasing corrupt and threatening Africa.

The Henry Kaiser Family Foundation did the biggest survey ever in South Africa on the youth's attitudes regarding responsibility and perception. The results has been published by loveLife, published with the Sunday Times paper. This survey included kids between the ages of twelve and seventeen.

One in three is sexually experienced of which the average age for first having sex is thirteen. In the rural areas it seems that there is a lot more activity than in built-up areas. In spite of this, most of them realise the threat of HIV/AIDS and fear the disease. Ninety Percent have heard of AIDS, though preventative measures of contracting the disease have by-passed these youngsters totally. One's attitude was that if you have multiple girlfriends and you find out that one is unfaithful, use a condom when with her!
With a rate of one in five having sex with more than one partner, and with the firm believe that they won't contract a disease with their sexual pertners, our government still has a lot to do concerning education. Only twenty percent knows that HIV/AIDS can be contracted from male partners with two out of three thinking that it can be cured anyway.
A big problem here is the firm believe that having sex with a virgin will rid them of the HIV/AIDS disease. No wonder we are way ahead of the rest of the world with our notorious rape statistics.

We still have no "equality" between the sexes with young boys insisting that the woman (re. girl) is responsible for taking preventative measures against the man (re. boy) contracting any sort of disease during a sexual encounter. No surprises here then to know that fourteen percent of sexually active youngsters have been pregnant or made someone pregnant.
Another frightening fact is that most girls feal pressurised by their partners to have sex. Some are doing it for payment, even just a can of Coca Cola will do it for them. The case of food or drinks for sex carry a heady seventy six percent (from the boys side) and eighty percent of girls.

Let's look at some of the stats:
50% of boys believe you can get AIDS from other men with 30% believing you can't and the balance don't know.
62% believe you can't get AIDS from a condom, 26% don't know and the balance reckon you can.
44% believe you can contract AIDS by someone who is HIV-positive or has AIDS with 49% not knowing and (thank goodness) only 7% that disagree.

Sex education, anyone - PLEASE!

As the Sunday Times put it, sex becomes a way of alleviating boredom. We must live in a pretty boring country!