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23 October 2000
Landgrabbing & Natural Tongues

This is more work than I thought!

There is only so much us "whiteys" can rant and rave about! Well at last - Mbeki promised the world that what is happening in Zimbabwe will not happen here. Thought this would never happen, but it did. This was a bit late considering our esteemed second in charge was the primary cause of the situation our country finds itself in at this stage. 

Our Deputy President (Jacob Zuma) made the stupid remark "Zimbabwe's landgrab issue is a good idea which should be happening here" (or something to that effect). The Rand went down to more than Seven Dollars and close to Eleven to the Pound. Interest rates haven't gone up yet, though the Repo rate has. Fuel of course is at a record high and technology items have sky-rocketed in price. Hopefully through this the world can see what a bunch of monkey's are trying to run this country! 

The honorable Minister of Health (Nkosazani Dlamini-Zuma) is still ducking and diving the "HIV causes AIDS" issue. At an international media "get together" she changed to one of our official eleven languages to duck the issue once again. And it wasn' t Afrikaans or English! All they're prepared to commit to is that the government is in full support of all anti-AIDS issues. There are currently one individual and one non-profit organisation providing and issuing the so-called "banned" anti-AIDS drugs. Both have been threatened with imprisonment for breaking the law.

An Indian chap located in the Cape has been bringing in drugs at a fraction of the cost to what the government or the local manufacturers can supply. This he's distributing - though don't ask me where the money's coming from. The government argues that the relevant drugs are not approved and therefore can't be distributed. In the meantime hundreds are dying and transmitting this terrible disease. Not to even mention the orphans left behind. 

Yes, we the healthy law-abiding tax-paying citizens will have to fork out at the end of the day. A quick phone-around to burial concerns in Soweto showed that these guys are so busy that they can't wipe their own backsides after being to the loo. Making money? Maybe. Most of the dying are too poor to pay for their burials. Then again, why worry about who's footing the bill - after all, you're dead! 

Alan Boesak, who got three years for embezzling money donated to welfare by European concerns, got ten months off on his sentence. This is for good behavior! He hasn't even been in for three months yet! Strange how different rules apply to different people. But that's our new dispensation. If you have the right friends in government you can basically get away with murder.Look at Winnie Mandela! 

Medical Aid schemes are going up. This is due to increases in medicine cost as well as the new laws concerning Medical Aids.

It works basically as follows: No applicant can be turned away - that's it. If he/she/it can afford to pay, he/she or it must be accepted. State of health on application cannot be discrimated against. So, if I have two days to live due to whatever illness, I can join a medical aid so they can pay for my last days. This is discrimination against the healthy.
 Talk about discrimination - the constitutional court ruled that tickets to our national sport (rugby) events are discriminatory. It's too high. At anything from Fifty Bucks to Three Hundred and Fifty, most people cannot afford to attend rugby matches.

What total hogwash!