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9 April 2001
The Killing Fields

A bit of a follow-up on last weeks arms deal story - 

Three independant investagitive units are probing reports of corruption. All three are headed by government puppets. How can I say that? Easy. When these guys respond to the nation with a blasting of the press for uncovering what they've uncovered so far, what else can you deduct from it? They were planning on a report back to government by June this year, though nothing has been forthcoming out of their so-called investigations.

It has now come to the point where one of the contractors actually admitted supllying thirty officials with luxury cars in order to be top of the list in supplying equipment for fitment to the new corvettes. It sure has taken them some time to realise that once a ball starts rolling there's not much that's going to stop it! Can you just imagine the panic amongst senior management when the first story broke news? Stress deluxe! Serves them right. And maybe it's a good thing that top ANC government officials are involved. Now the ANC can show us their sincerity in claims that they will root out all corruption in government.

Unlike of course what's been happening in Kwa-Zulu Natal, with senior officials still hitching more units to their gravy train. With two and a half thousand new AIDS cases reported each day, it's no wonder South Africa is on a downhill. The pure ignorance of it all. Trying to justify their outrageous expenses by claiming that it's necessary to do their jobs! What bull.

Another story in the headlines lately is the murder of a youth (19 year old black) that was caught poaching on a white-owned farm. Nine rugby players were involved - all white (not all blacks). This happened sixty kilometers from Pietersburg (where I finished my schooling) outside a town called Dendron (where I pent most of my childhood). Protesting blacks are wrecking Pietersburg with demonstrations which from time to time gets violent. Banners and plackards that read "Nine bullets, nine farmers" (don't ask about the nine - I don't have a clue), does not help the situation at all. I don't for one minute condonce the brutality of the case, but a bit of perspective is needed here.
Consider that two white farmers got killed within one week in the same area. Not by farmworkers, but by paid criminals. Consider that most of these killers are still out there, probably plotting their next hit. Consider that there has been no backlash against blacks in general, no protests to the scale we saw in this case, no boycotting of local businesses. Is there outrage? More amongst whites than blacks. The big difference here is that it's against the white mans' principals to take another human life, not so in the black culture. That's why I can state without a second though that whites are more outraged by this killing than blacks are. It's just not done, and whatever punishment these guys get won't be enough. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for the black population.
Looking at our justice system, on average you'll get five to six for murder. You'll sit for three years for failing to pay a TV license fee! If you're white and unlucky enough to get a black judge, your chances for the normal sentence is reduced quite drastically. Go sit in a courtroom for a day. Listen to the cases, look at the judge and the defendants, draw your own conclusions. I've heard of numeroues cases and witnessed one myself. The white man is still hated, even more now than ever before, for what we called "apartheid". So much for Nelson Mandela's calls for reconcilliation. The averagte white (if not the majority) has decided to try and make amends. Hard as it might be, we have to work together to make this lovely country work. Unfortunately, the black man wants more. He will not stop until such time that the white has been wiped out. That is the unfortunate truth.

Colin Edwards released a statement concerning his remark on "nuking the townships" on Saturday morning, the day before the race at Kyalami. As it turned out, or rather, according to his statement, he was misquoted by the newspaper. Jawellnofine. We'll leave it at that. Just don't do it again!

I've had problems over the past two weeks updating my opening page. If you've lost out on the joke of the week, don't panic. I'll make sure it's listed on the jokes page that's still in progress.