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11 September 2000
Eugene & Cape Towns' Mayor

This week we are seeing the release of Eighteen Thousand trial-awaiting prisoners. Yes, they're going home to resume their life's of crime. The big excuse for this is that our jails are too full. Granted - our jails can hold a hundred thousand inmates, currently we have over one hundred and eighty thousand criminals in prison.

The big question here is what is being done to keep these bastards out of prison once they've served their jail-terms? The released prisoners are all trial-awaiting prisoners with crimes ranging from petty-theft to attempted murder. Are they still required to appear in court at some stage or another?Who knows - no-one's saying.

With our justice system in the state it's in, case files will disappear with witnesses being intimidated and the accused gone. It happens all the time.The best thing that could happen here is for "township justice" to take it's course. The only fear I have here is wether the so-called accused is actually guilty of the crime. The black people of this country can and will punish (re. kill) an accused if they think (or have been told) that he/she is guilty. 

Strange that a previous cult leader (Eugene Terreblanche - AWB) is in jail for six years for assualt. He hit a petrol attendant some years ago. Now where is the justice in this. Is it because a white man assualted a black man, or was it purely because of the crime? I can't think otherwise but because it was a race issue.

A Minister (or rather ex-Minister) in the Cape got three years for stealing money (he's a Cape coloured). He embezzled less than 500 Thousand Rand which was meant for the upliftment of education in the Western Cape. So far he has served three months without reporting to jail. How the hell does that work? Is it because he's married to a white woman? 

See how paranoid we get here! 

Nice one for the mayor of Cape Town. This esteemed lady has a string of traffic offenses with outstanding warrants, the works. The police and courts are after her but can't seem to trace her? On the warrant it's noted that this person is "untraceable". The mayor? Is this pulling strings or just a question of incompetence and / or stupidity? I suppose we'll never know. What it does show us is that certain high-placed ANC government officials try to be above the law. Good show to whomever uncovered this little shamble. 

Crime in the Cape is worse than it's been in years. Last week a senior judge, in charge of seventy-eight cases against PAGAD (re. Islam) got assasinated in his car outside his home. It will take months if not years for anyone else to get these cases to court.

On Friday night another car-bomb exploded in Cape Town. This is happening now at least once a week. Fortunately no-one got seriously hurt. The government eventually realised that there is a serious shortage of law-enforcement officers in this area. At last they've despatched some high-level investigators to get the problem under control. Members of our so-called elite Scorpion force have been deployed with inspectors from the US and the UK arriving soon. The Scorpions all received training from Scotland Yard, though I suppose it's a bit of a problem getting certain things through to the "dark greenies" (blacks) from South Africa. I'm being racist, aren't I? My apologies. I must say that there are some very intelligent and clever black people - most I don't know, some I do. They're not the majority though. 

Amazing how the New York "African-Americans" got so swept-up by Mugabe. This is the start of a total revolution against the so-called "white-supremists". Don't be fooled, it includes all white skinned persons. Land-grabbing is becoming the "in" thing. Taking back our heritage. Zimbabwean farmers probably know that they have no recourse and no future in their country. Where will they go? What is the rest of the world going to do about this. Does the American black really want to be associated with the barbaric methods displayed by the African black? Seems the Americans have a bit of time still left. Ours is running out fast. The South African black is following Mugabe's preachings.

Over Three-Hundred farms have already been "taken" in Kwa-Zulu Natal. The goverment is quietly condoning this. There is no outcry, no policing and no court-orders. Precisely what I mentioned during the weeks before the Zimbabwean elections. Mbeki did not say a word about what was happening to white farmers in Zimbabwe. He was waiting to see the world's response (of which there was not much). Now he can go ahead with the same over here. In the meantime he's pleading poverty and begging the world to rid Africa of it's debts and poverty. Once this phase has been completed, the white man in Africa will cease to exist. 

I always thought that white leaders from across the world were "clever" people. How can they be so blind to not see what is happening here? Or is it a question of not wanting to see?