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25 October 2001
The DA becomes Duh!?

The NNP (New National Party) and the DP (Democratic Party) formed an alliance called the Democratic Alliance against the ANC a couple of years ago. Seems the official opposition got bigger and stronger since this “brotherhood” thing happened. Alas, it wasn’t bound to survive!

Big scandal in the Cape is the NNP’s candidate who is mayor of Cape Town, one Peter Marais. A common “Capey” who made it to the big league. This man decided to rename two of the most prominant streets in Cape Town in spite of not having the proper authority nor mandate from the people. The whole process came to a grinding halt when it was exposed in the Sunday newspaper followed shortly by an official inquiry.
Documents were produced showing that “the people” were in favour of the name changes when in fact they won’t. Accusations went flying all over the windy Cape about who did what to whom when, that at the end of the day one Peter Marais was suspended. After the inquiry, he was back at work as mayor of Cape Town. Of course the DP does not like this, nor I presume most of the people of Cape Town. Of course this was not the end of the saga. Another hearing and poor Peter got kicked out of the DA (there goes his seat!) with a lot of protests and of course the ever mandatory appeals to higher courts.

The NNP insists that this man is a senior party member and that they support him in whatever he does. In spite of the inquiry finding him to be the root of the problem causing all the commotion, he initially got his job back. The DP, standing for all that's fair in love and war, kicked up such a stink which of course led to their own internal hearings. It was at such a hearing where Marais lost his DA seat.

Now, the ANC have been watching this carefully from the sideline. We all know how important votes are to all parties, but even more so to the traditionally “white” parties such as the NNP and the DP. The DP here is trying to show Marais for what he is, the NNP is standing behind him to show their support for the “brown” community of the Cape, and the ANC was just waiting in the wings deciding on the best strategy. Eventually they had to go with the NNP. The Cape, especially the Western Cape has always been an NNP stronghold. So, for the ANC to show support in the Marais case, they’re showing support to the local “brown” people with the hope of getting some more votes. In spite of the corruption that went with cheating the ballot cards in determining wether the "people" want the names changed.

What the ANC don’t realise though is that Marais’ actions are typical of the ANC ignorance brigade. The cadres of self-enrichment and self-adolation. If our law system had to deal with politicians in the same way they did with Hansie Cronje, we would have no government. Tony Yengeni, the man with the “arms-deal” car has eventually stepped down as ANC chief whip, though he’s still in parlaiment. The one famous for ordering a bullet-proof Mercedes, has sold it and applied the money elsewhere, hopefully to the benefit of his people.

What a bloody circus!

Just a footnote - the op went fine, the results all depends on how well I behave myself. Will be at home for another week, though the show does go on!