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31 January 2001
Don't Critisize! 

This past week someone critisized me for being a typical, totally negative South African who can't accept the current government and who won't support them.
This is my country, this is where I was born and raised. This is where I pay my taxes and where I abide by the law as stipulated by the ANC government. Unlike most of the ex-South Africans now sitting pretty in Canada, the States, the UK and wherever else they might be in the world. People with blinkers who won't believe what we're going through. The utmost frustration we feel when we know how much potential this country have is unknown to them.

Sure, we endevour to change, we have changed due to circumstances. But if only a handful is prepared to go through this change where does it leave us? More frustration? Let me pose a challenge to all those ex-South Africans: Come back - your country needs you! Isn't it better to implement change from the inside than sitting on the side-line criticizing? When last did you guys spend time in your country?
It's no use sitting pretty and only visiting this country from time to time. Come and live here! What were the reasons for leaving in the first place? A working contract? That's about the only valid reason for leaving.

Plenty South Africans pack up and go because they know what the situation in this country is. They realised that there is very little opportunity for their kids. They got fed-up with the rampant crime and corrupt government officials. They got tired of handing over their hard-earned money to a government that don't know how to govern.

Now, isn't it better to keep informed? Doesn't matter where you are, this is still your country. My resources are easily verified. My views are my views and it's honest views from someone who lives here - who chose to stay behind when everyone jumped on the first plane out of here in 1994. Face it, there is no other place like this place on earth. When the time comes it will be very hard to leave here. Though I won't be leaving forever. 

Believe me, there are lots of South Africans that feel the way I do. This crosses the colour line with black people getting more fed-up quicker. 

Let's look at something positive for a change - there are still Five Million white South Africans resident in this country (that haven't left). Their reasons for still being here varies. I don't have to state mine. These whites are instrumental in bringing about change (might be slow - but it's happening). Typical example is Judge Heath. The DP (Democratic Party - the opposition) has always been very verbal when anything out of the ordinary is discovered. A white man can still make a fairly good living here, and some do. Unfortunately for me, though for the good of some of South Africa's people, I am too charitable. I believe in uplifting those that are down. I try to make amends by giving back as much as I can afford. 

And I'm not alone.