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7 June 2001
Do they really care? Part 2

Little titbit on last weeks' taxi accident -
Police arrested six drivers and scrapped nineteen vehicles, all from one taxi operator. All of a sudden there's lots of action concerning unroadworthy taxi's. This action will slowly but surely disappear as passengers start forgetting about the incident. 

Now, back to our esteemed leaders who claim to be in the game for the people. First of all, there are very few of these ANC members and their sidekicks who actually live in the constituancy which they claim to represent. The mayor of Krugersdorp lives in Sandton, the upperclass area in Johannesburg. The mayor of Tshwane rent a house in Waterkloof, Pretoria. Yet these two guys want official house where they can entertain foreign visitors to try and impress them. They claim that these visitors need to be suitably impressed to lure them into investing in their towns. 1.5 Million Rand for Mogale City (sounds like a soccer club, doesn't it?) which is Krugersdorp and an undisclosed amount for Tshwane. That is over and above the estimated 500 Million Rand for furniture and an estimated 1 Million Rand for the general upkeep of each of these premises.

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago the new aeroplane the ANC wants to purchase for Mbeki. And if you're a regular, you'll remember the gravy train driver from Kwa-Zulu Natal who regularly flies to the office. Now believe it or not, this idiot (in spite of all the negative media) is still going about his business as if "the people" owe him this luxury.

In one of Mbeki's speeches at the unveiling of a major revamp for one of the many townships, he said that the ANC government is there to uplift the poor and not to drive around in fancy cars. I wish he had the backbone to set the example, sell his fancy cars and scrap the idea of a new jet and enforce this policy right through to my socialite next-door neighbour, the honourable MEC for Safety and Liaison!

The monatorium on crime statistics has eventually been lifted. Scary stuff to say the least. According to the Sunday Times, the figures look as follows:
Murders are down by 19.2%, robbery with aggravating circumstances up by 30.3%, child abuse up by 8.8%, other robbery down by 169.1%, assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm up 30.6%, indecent assault up by 70.4%, rape and attempted rape up by 24.6% and attempted murder up by 2.9%.

Where does this leave "the people"? No, not all the people but the law-abiding, tax-paying citizens of this country.

All this is getting me into a very negative mood. Better just leave it as is and hopefully I can be back next week with some more positive news. With very prominent people like Ike Nzo wanting to leave South Africa because of crime, it makes you wonder when it's all going to end.