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7 February 2001
Black and White 

I’m an 18-year-old white South African male, now in college. 

When I was in high school we had a wide variety of races and cultures, most of us got along but then some of us did not get along too well. There were the groups of black kids who really disliked whites and whites who disliked the blacks, but that was pretty normal. The blacks we got along with were very nice people, most of them hard working in class and the bums who would just cause trouble, but that was with every race. Most black kids are dedicated to their schoolwork and set high goals, they all want to be successful like any other person would love to be.

I personally enjoy black peoples' company, why you may ask? Well let,s take music for example, I like Hip-Hop music and most white kids like Rave and Heavy metal, so I’d rather go to my black friends parties than white kids parties, and the atmosphere was always better. I like to learn as much from black people as I can like visiting them in the townships, sleeping over for a weekend, eating their food and doing what they do. The only thing I dislike about some black people is the older generation, they usually mock us, swear at us and even want to fight for what happened in the days of Apartheid, I was not even born yet and they still bring it up today. 
Most of my black friends parents actually like me, because they can see I don’t have a problem being friends with their children, which feels good when I feel accepted, and not disliked. I would like every race in the world just to get along and not fight just because the pigments in our skin are darker or lighter, but it happens. I can't really blame the blacks for hating the whites for what “we” did to them in the days of Apartheid, and the whites for hating black because of the hi-jackings, the rapes and murders they commit, but it's only a portion of blacks and whites that do these things, I mean if another white guy rapes your wife or stabs your son, you don’t say that you hate whites and then you’re a white yourself. So we should stop saying we hate “blacks” if this does happen, but rather hate the person who did it. This country will take a couple more years to heal itself, and maybe we will get along. I mean if kids are getting along better with other races now it might be like that one day, who knows!

Until then I think people should stop dwelling in the past because it's gone, it's never coming back. And look to the future that is still coming, and this will at least be much better between the races of the world, especially between whites and blacks.

The words of my son. A boy we tried to bring up to the best of our abilities. Do I treat him any different now that he's just about grown up with his own ideas? Why should I? He had the chance to develop his own personality, his own likes and dislikes. The direction he's taken shows that even though we are still racist to a minor degree, did not stop us from giving him the choice, which he has made.

He obviously still has a lot to learn about the different cultures, but he is still young. Growing older does not necessarily mean wiser. That rule will apply not only to the whiteys, but also to the blacks.

With an attitude like he has, we can only look forward to a much better future. Though all good things take time.