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5 March 2001

Little seems to change as far as the general attitude of South Africans are concerned. I'm starting to get the impression that most South Africans think they're the cheesy, creamy top of the world's population. This is normally the part that goes bad first.
If you look at the total disrespect for anything and everything and the selfish actions of the majority of South Africans, you will quickly realise that they're a breed far removed from anything / anyone else you know. The root of all our problems is basic and the same across the board and colour lines. All my moans, all my frustrations and all my stress can be blamed on the general attitude of the majority in this country. Where does this new culture of "don't give a damn" come from? Why do people think and act like they're "the only person in the world who counts"? This attitude sucks. People drive unroadworthy vehicles, they ignore traffic signs, they duck and dive authority and in general they're ignoring all the basic decent principals instilled by their parents. And we're already just about a generation later.

This all comes about due to the total breakdown of law and order. If you think you might get caught, you'll still take the occasional "gap" and hope you'll get away with it. These days, you know the changes of getting caught is virtually nil! The traffic cops are too busy lazying around behind bushes with speed cameras to worry about unlicensed vehicles or drivers. The Police Sevices guys are too underpaid, under resourced and under staffed to worry about getting a job done. And they (the government) wants to know why bribery and corruption is on the increase! Why bother with the small petty crimes such as failure to abide by the rules of the road when there are so much to be made out of bribery?
This past week one of the biggest cases we've seen on armed robbery came before our courts. Three policemen were involved in the cash in transit heists, providing from precision planning to training to armor-piercing ammunition. A total of more than Twenty Million Rand was stolen and about thirteen people got arrested and prosecuted. Two of the cops involved became State witnesses and are still being paid salaries by us (the taxpayer).

Government officials have been getting away with major transgressions and blatant corruption since the ANC came in power, why can't the citizens of this country do the same? How do you govern a country if you're not prepared to set the example? How do you get rid of the negative attitude and general "can't care" viewpoint when you're doing exactly that yourself?

When government decides to set the example, maybe the citizens will follow. The problem they face is a question of respect. The ANC has lost the nations' respect a long time ago. This cannot be fixed overnight. It has to be earned and that they're not prepared to do. 

Corruption will continue. In spite of the "new" era we're supposedly entering. With a great budget and a positive attitude  from a lot of business circles, it still won't work. There is no confidence in the government and not much is being done by government to fix this. Just as you think that things will now (eventually) come right, some stupid a-hole will destroy the bit of confidence you had.

It is then no wonder that with our pessimistic outlook on local government, the total black-out of crime statistics enforced by government, we only expect the worst. Does that do us any good? Of course not. For government to profess total transparency, this is a bit of a joke.

In the meantime, we're still paying our taxes in the hope that things will change. To be very honest, the only hope we, as white South Africans have left, is (sad but true) that HIV/AIDS will come to our rescue.