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2 April 2001
Arms and Prosperity

Last year the South African government eventually signed the 43 Billion Rand (or 43 thousand thousand Rand as was claimed one night on the local SABC 8 o' clock news) with various European arms manufacturers. This deal has been going on for some time and it was a sigh of relief (I reckon) for most that it's eventually out of the way. Special clauses, procurements, penalties and job creation was all included. I'd hate to see what the actual document looks like, never mind trying to understand all the clauses in it.

Early this year the PAC's Patricia de Lille, claimed that there was funny business going on with this deal. She handed documents over to the Heath Commission (which is a special investigative unit with special powers) in support of her claims. The ANC was in an uproar and Judge William Heath, in charge of the commission, was subsequently relieved of his job. This was after a big fall-out with Thabo Mbeki about whether the Heath Commission should head the investigation or not. What they won't do to cover their brown gravy train arses! So now Heath became history though the investigation is going ahead.

Again the Sunday Times uncovered some funny business which involves the ANC's Chief Whip in government, a certain Tony Yengeni. And surprise surprise, it involves the arms deal. The story is such:
DaimlerChrysler Aerospace (DASA) ordered an ML320 Mercedes 4x4 as a staff vehicle which ended-up with Yengeni. DASA tendered and got the deal to supply tracking radars for the corvettes the government ordered. This starts to make sense when you take into account that Yengeni was the head of the Joint Standing Committee for Defense who had a major influence on decisions taken concerning the supply of systems in this arms deal. All the titty-bitty stuff aside, whatever Yengeni claims is turning out to be lies. Now even his wife's Mercedes Benz C-Class is surfacing as a "could-be" bribe (or token of sincerity) by DASA. Now I'm not even touching on the rest of the family who turns out to be major shareholders in other schemes involving 43 Billion of us taxpayers' money.

I heard an interview on radio with Yengeni, and typical of our "transparent" money sucking government, he refused to answer any questions with a straight reply. Continuously referring to the arms probe and official investigation "which will reveal the whole truth". He felt hurt and undermined by the Sunday Times allegations. Being asked why he didn't declare these "gifts" as per the parliamentary requirements, he once again refers to the investigation. Let the truth be spoken. The only thing that smells already like rotten snoek, is the investigative unit. Why get rid of a qualified judge that is more than competent to investigate this case, if they had nothing to hide? This is a can of worms that is haunting most of the ANC elite. Seems ol' Patricia had a hunch and now it's paying off. Just focus the attention on major corruption and the newspapers will do the rest of the job.

Another group that is as yet unknown are the notorious farm killers. Turns out these bastards are making big money out of killing farmers. An elaborate scheme to get farmers off their land by paying these murderers for every farmer they kill, has surfaced with a training video tape on how to kill a farmer. There has been 5 540 farm attacks since 1991 during which a 1 044 farmers lost their lives. And the world comes into an uproar because some policemen train their dogs on live "bait"?

The Rand dropped to a record low of R8.10 to the Dollar. I'm too scared to look at the Pound for when I need to leave here, I'll have to be a millionaire to go anywhere in the world (except maybe Bhali)! 

Absolutely wonderful racing on Sunday. That includes the WSB (World Superbikes) here at Kyalami. Talk about that, how's with American Colin Edwards, the reigning world champ saying that South Africa is a great place, though they should nuke a couple of townships? He nearly got banned from racing on Sunday, though he quickly changed his story to a more acceptable explanation. What does the press expect from the "rough 'n tough" crowd of the Superbike series? These are common "salt of the earth" people. Don't get them involved in politics! We have enough bullshi**ers to take care of that. Don't expect these guys to call a spade "a light earthmoving engineering tool" if you don't want to hear spade!