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30 November 2001
Affirmative action contracts - ready for the new S.A.?

Sunday Times Headlines - Airport fails bomb test.
We know that in the new improved South Africa you qualify for government contracts only when you strictly comply with the affirmative action guidelines as per the ANC. We also know by now that if you are a solely black held company, that you will have preference over any other bidders for any government contracts.
Khuselani is one such company. A company who's primary objective was to land the security contract put out for tender by the Airports Company. The Airports Company in return is under contract for running a number of airports by presumably the government. After all, the airports still fall directly under government control.
Looking at the facts and figures, Khuselani has been contracted to look after security at ten major airports last June. This contract was worth 99 million Rand. They've been fired, with good reason. Some of the reasons :
  • During a safety drill a gunshot went off.
  • During an inspection a guard was found sleeping on duty.
  • Guards were found without their firearm licenses while on duty.
  • A security officer spent 40 minutes on the jazz while on duty (with no replacement one would assume).
  • 30 bags were not searched.
  • If you read a newspaper, you won't be searched.
  • Another 10 bags pass inspection without being searched.
  • The minister of Safety and Security's test bomb was not detected.

At Jan Smuts (sorry... Johannesburg International), more than seventy-six thousand planes pass through a year. Khulesani Security and Risk Management is now claiming an "ambush" by their employers and of course, they're refusing to accept the Airports Company decision. This can only come from the ignorance and total disregard of law and order of a black-owned and managed company.

Maybe it's justified, this is Africa after all. It cannot be justified that the ANC runs the gravy train without their comrades on the passenger list. For too long certain companies got away with "murder", it's time more exposure is given to these organisations. It's time the bad starts learning that it does not pay to not do your job. It's time government gets their act together and stamp out corruption and bribery by the people's representatives, in parlaiment and everywhere else. It is time for the uneducated black to learn what is going on in this country and to stand up for the issues that touch them in their everyday lives. It's time for the unions like COSATU to stop threatening the tri-party alliance and break away from the ANC to fight for their member's rights instead of taken the money to enrich themselves. It's time they (the blacks in general and the government) to realise which side their bread is buttered. And it's time they start looking after the cream on top of the milk.

Affirmative action does not work! And it won't for some time to come. With a president that denies any link between HIV and AIDS, with affirmative action companies suffering huge losses and the ever high-flying black elite, we're facing bleak times ahead. 
Can we afford the negative impact the above will have on business, never mind tourism? Not bloody likely! It's no use marketing South Africa as one of the safest havens in the universe with the above disregard to safety. 

Interesting fact on affirmative action companies - a total of five companies are listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. All of them (bar two) are having an extremely difficult time staying there as listed companies. The main reason for this is the obvious distrust from the stock-buying public regarding corruption. Black empowerment companies are to blame for this. We have learnt from history that most "upstarts" are in it for personal enrichment and not for the good of whatever business they list. Look at the government, it's a prime example!

With the exchange rate as it is (R10.00 to the Dollar, R14.00 to the Pound) we could've expected millions in revenue from tourism and business. I'm afraid it's all down the drain!

In support of AIDS-week a banner will be displayed on my website. I am in the process of collecting relevant information regarding HIV/AIDS in South Africa, which I hope to have available by next week.

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