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13 September 2001
Act of War 

The media won't stop for a while giving us full cover of the horrendous and callious actions of extremists actions in the United States. The 11th of September 2001 has been one of the saddest days in my life.

Here's a link with what you might want to read:
CNET News with wide coverage and photographs.

Obviously Thabo Mbeki and the ANC government has condemned these terrorist attacks. Bin Laden's Afghanistan comrades have condemned the attacks and at the same time issued a statement that the master of terrorism could not have pulled this off. Who are they trying to bull?

It was a mere seven years ago that the ANC and their communist comrades came into power. Before that they were just another terrorist organisation killing and maiming innocent people with the support of their comrades in Russia, Cuba and anyone else who believed in their cause or just in the general disruption of governments across the world.

The Palestinians are well-known for their extreme views, beliefs and actions. So are the Arabs. Next word that comes to mind is Muslim. Now, once again, I am not generalising. There are the extremists and the moderates!

Believe me when I say that I'm the first to admit that generalisation is dangerous. I don't! The problem here is that so many has / will suffer at the hands of a few extremists. According to news reports up to ten thousand people have died in the attacks on the Pentagon and the two towers of the World Trade Center and how many terrorists did it take? Let's be extravagant and say five per airplane. The odds don't look good. We are at war here against an enemy who won't identify himself, nor be prepared to negotiate and with no respect for the life of his perceived enemy.

The ANC did exactly the same. Bombs were placed in popular restaurants and pubs. Car bombs exploded in cities. Military installations were indirectly targeted. Farmers were attacked and murdered on a frequent basis. And these are the same people that all of a sudden can't "condone" similar actions? Yasar Arafat and Fidel Castro are counted as the two most important "comrades" of the ANC government. What will this government do if Bush does what he promised to do after Tuesday? What if the Americans wipe out the ANC's comrades? We all know that these guys are on the frontline where terrorist activities are concerned. We all know what cowards they are and the devious methods they employ.

And as far as Islamic followers are concerned, we've got PAGAD. 'Nough said.

It is time we rid the world of these cowardly bastards. The costs will be high and there is no guarantee that we will ever win this war. The Good Book tells us about these days. 

We can only pray for those involved in any way with the tragedy in the States. And that includes the perpetrators.