T Weekly Views History 2002
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Index of 2001 Weekly Views
Open letter to the President Columnist's letter to the President before the elections.
Let's talk about sex baby - Part 1 Sex and the South African youth.
Wasting money, Health Services & the US Elections Fly to your office while Health Services collapse.
Let's talk about sex baby - Part 2 HIV/AIDS and the South African youth.
Mbeki and the HIV/AIDS issue Talkshow host puts his foot in it on AIDS and the Airshow goes on.
Arms and Prosperity The first cracks appear in the Arms Deal.
The fuel crisis, Informal Settlers and Taxes New laws on squatters and the Taxman pays himself a BIG bonus.
The Killing Fields Backlash of fed-up farmers.
More money wasting & International Awards Advantages of being an ANC member.
Trust SA Newsletter Kadar Asmal and slandering the President.
Affirmative Action, Racism & Teen USA If only the whites did not label racism!
The African American Connection? Are you up to the challenge to rule S.A.?
Cedar Lodge Break away - go on holiday.
The Year 2001 in South Africa. My predictions and outlook.
African Renaissance When last did your president buy a plane?
Nkosi Johnson & Retribution. A spokesperson against AIDS, the downside.
Constitutional Dilemma's A fair constitution - to what extent?
Don't Critize! Critize from the sideline - the safe way of doing it?
Do they really care? Part 1 On which side is government?
Black and White Young students' viewpoint.
AMC - New taxi corruption Killing more commuters?
Walking Shoes Higher taxes and the destruction of a landmark.
Will the real Alan Boesak please stand up? A comrade will always be a comrade. 
Attitude Earning the bucks don't make you the cheese.
Out to Lunch Columnist that's worth a read.
To smoke or not to smoke? Constitution changes? Anti-tobacco laws full of flaws.
The power of the Unions. Can they bring industry down?
The Black Revolution. Black buying power - the way to riches.
Eclipse in Africa Some pictures.
Strikes At what cost? The unions and the influence on the economy.
Landgrabbing - Is this the start? South Africa - a future Zimbabwe?
Hospital Stories. Never get sick here!
The DA becoming Duh? The DA slips up with the NNP & the ANC.
Welcome to Africa Newspaper Reports. True reports on how things are done in Africa.
Buthelezi and the Gravy Train. Another self-enrichment scheme?
Laugh a bit. A lighter side.
Winnie in the Pooh - Again! Winnie should be in jail. She's obviously enjoying live. 
Act of War September 11.
Fast Facts & Figures Some frightening statistics.
Positive...or not? Are you still positive about S.A.? The Arms Deal. When will the corruption stop?
Was I Wrong! A look back at 2001. HIV/Aids - The REAL situation. The current situation in South Africa.
Rands & Dollars. Can we still feed ourselves? The exchange rate, farmers & the government. Jobless - The NEW South African Economy.
Stress and more stress - are we really coping? The Crimewave - Are we winning the battle at last?
NEPAD & Nevirapine - How high is the High Court? Zimbabwe - It's time for Mugabe to go. 
Oil, oil and the fuel price - where to next? Zimbabwe - The aftermath.
Sign of the times - Is the tide turning against us? The ant & the grasshopper - SA version
Debt - and we thought we had it tough;what about government? Money money money - What is happening with overseas funds really? 
The ECT Bill - What's happening with .co.za Domains? What a week - Hansie and the petrol price
Strikes and Hikes - The logic that seems unlogic
Sodomy and Prisons - sex, drugs and rock & roll Facts about the S.A. economy 2

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